Plastic surgeons use different methods, techniques, and procedures to achieve patients’ desires. To achieve facial rejuvenation patients may opt for skin care, laser and/or surgical procedures. A face lift procedure can be performed using a complete or mini method. A mini facelift provides less dramatic result and is less invasive. When inquiring about a mini facelift procedure at the Straith Clinic, located near West Bloomfield, Michigan, patients can expect to consult an expert plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

Branded Mini-Lifts:

Surgeons may offer a few different facelift options. Branded options of facelift include “The Weekend”, the “one-Hour”, or “Thread”. However, keep in mind that branded methods may not provide the best and/or long lasting result. Regardless of the method chosen, they are risks, complications, and downtime associated with all surgeries.

The procedure:

At the Straith Clinic, located near West Bloomfield, MI, a mini face lift is performed with local and IV sedation. Dr. Sabbagh performs the procedure in two and a half to three hours. The time of the procedure depends on each individual patient. With a mini facelift, the skin is lifted so the deep tissues can be elevated into a more youthful position.

The downtime:

A mini-face lift is less invasive than a complete face lift method. This procedure addresses the cheeks, jowls and jowline. Bandages are applied and pain medication is prescribed for discomfort.
Patients should expect approximately 2 weeks for the recovery.

The result:

As with most procedures, mini face lift results vary for each individual. Patients will notice improvement to the cheek, jowls, and jowline.
At the Straith Clinic, Dr. William Sabbagh, with 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery of the face and body, performs over 200 facial cosmetic procedures a year. Patients can call 248-270-5272 for answers and additional information, or to make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. William Sabbagh. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Sabbagh can offer a variety of surgical approaches to patients’ cosmetic desires.

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There are 36 skilled plastic surgeons in a ten mile radius around Bingham, MI. Patients from Royal Oak, Livonia, and West Bloomfield have many options for their plastic surgeon. When you are looking for your surgeon, why should you choose Straith Clinic? Here is what we offer:

70 Years of Continuous Cosmetic Surgery

The clinic has served patients for over 70 years. In Royal Oak, we have built up a reputation and become a part of our surrounding community. During our time, we have worked to provide patients with great care, results, and options.


Staith Clinic’s top surgeon, Dr. Sabbagh, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). He has over 20 years’ experience in his field and is a reputable physician. As a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Straith Hospital for Special Surgery, he continues to improve his techniques and methods.

Specializing in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are difficult procedures. Not all clinics have the experience or accreditation acquired by Straith Clinic. In the Royal Oak area, we are known for our ability to provide this procedure. Dr. Sabbagh is a recognized contributor on, a Q&A site, about Rhinoplasty procedures.

Patient Care

Whether you choose to have a rhinoplasty or another procedure, you can expect a high standard of care at Straith Clinic. Our Royal Oak patients feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers about their experience. Have a question for Dr. Sabbagh? Feel free to ask; he will answer your questions to the best of his ability.

The Facility

What does the facility offer? Straith Clinic, as a fully accredited on-site center is fully equipped to handle your surgical desires. Our Royal Oak clinic meets AAAHC requirements and has been inspected by a highly experienced team of health care professionals.

When you are looking for your surgeon, be sure to consider Straith Clinic. Interested patients are encouraged to schedule their consultation, read more about our patient reviews, and learn more about each of our procedures.

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Breathing difficulties, undesirable nose shapes, and unwanted nasal contours are relieved with Nose Surgery. A Rhinoplasty requires a skilled surgeon for the best results. Facial cosmetic surgeons in the Livonia, Dearborn, and West Bloomfield areas consider Rhinoplasty one of the more difficult operations. For a successful experience, patients choose Straith Clinic for their Rhinoplasty procedure.

With Age, Comes Experience

Who can you trust to perform a Rhinoplasty? An experienced surgeon. Because the procedure can be difficult, it is important patients choose an experienced surgeon. In the Dearborn, West Bloomfield, and Livonia areas, many choose Straith clinic for their procedure. Dr. Sabbagh, specializing in facial and cosmetic procedures, has 20 years of experience. Many Rhinoplastys have been performed under his guidance.


Board Certification from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicates a surgeon’s competency and ability in the operating room. Dr. Sabbagh, with time and training, has obtained certification along with professional memberships. Patients can find themselves under good hands with Dr. Sabbagh.

Our Specialty

Cosmetic clinics provide many different types of procedures; from body contouring, to facial rejuvenation, to skin revitalization, there are many options. Nevertheless, different clinics specialize in different surgeries. To get the best result from your procedure, visit a clinic with a known specialty. You can be assured of better results. In Livonia, Dearborn and West Bloomfield, Straith Clinic is known for Rhinoplasty procedures.

Of the procedures offered by the clinic, nose surgery is one of the most common. Straith Clinic’s certified staff has bountiful experience with this technique. When considering your nose surgery, be sure to consider Straith Clinic. We hope to provide the best results with the most efficient techniques.

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