Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

A male breast reduction is performed to reduce or eliminate excess male breast tissue. During puberty, mild enlargement of male breast tissue often occurs but usually disappears over a period of one to two years. When it persists, its appearance can cause embarrassment or extreme self-consciousness in social situations. During this breast reduction surgery, an incision is made following the lower border of the areola and the excess breast tissue is removed. The incision usually heals with very little noticeable scarring. When the composition of the breasts is mostly fat, liposuction can be performed instead of excision. In some cases, the combination of both procedures is performed.

What to expect from male breast reduction:

Anesthesia Usually local with IV sedation
Length of Surgery 1 to 2 hours
In/Outpatient Generally out-patient in our accredited on-site surgery center
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The risks involved with cosmetic surgery of the breasts:

Many of our patients live in West Bloomfield, Dearborn and Metro Detroit and learn that male breast reduction has a few risks that are discussed during the consultation. Although cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure, every patient must understand that these procedures are real surgical operations that involve the potential for complications. However, most cosmetic surgery procedures are categorized as low risk when performed in an accredited facility, by breast surgeons with the appropriate training and qualifications. The risk of complications from breast enhancement surgery can be minimized with a combination of the proper knowledge, skill and qualifications, sound surgical practices and by closely following your surgeon’s instructions on follow-up care during the recovery period.

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